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THE LYRICS for URANUS (The Space HALL miX) -Auro hoLLO

URANUS    Auro hollO بارک الله
Everybody likes the SUN
Everybody likes the MOON
Everybody likes the MERCURY
Everybody likes the NEPTUNE.
But who likes me…
Everyone loves VENUS
Everyone loves PLUTO
Everyone loves JUPITER
Everyone loves SATURN.
But who loves me…
"Now it took you this long to find us
 And are we ever so delighted
 To have you join us who’ve aspired
 From the realms of haTe & desire."
So take a hold of yourself!
It’s time to leave these shells…
    "!’ve got to go!  I’ve got to go!"
Infinite thinking hour.
I AM NOW eternaL power.
    "I’ve got to grow!  I’ve got to transform!"
Into the spiral.
Enter the funneL.
    "I’m going to flow!  I’m going to glow!"
Geometric abyss,
Take me beyond the WISH!
    "Carry me home.  Take me to my TRUE HOME…"                   Lyrics By AurOmichaeL Heshmati     
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